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Play along with Max Goodname & friends in the high-fantasy world of Starsworn, the free first chapter of the Stories RPG! 

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About The Books

Take on the role of heroes in a world of wonder! In Stories RPG, kids and parents get the chance to build worlds, create heroes, and go on adventures together.

Starsworn is the first Chapter in a series of games in the high-fantasy world of Max Goodname. Part choose-your-own-adventure novel and part story-telling game, Starsworn begins with a visit to the annual Star Fall fair, and ends when the stars fall from the sky – bringing with them powerful magic. 

Play Alongside Max and his Friends! For each chapter of Starsworn, Max and his friends will have a parallel adventure in the same world that will play on Stories Podcast. They may even appear in chapters to come, as the world will need every hero’s help when the stars fall.

What’s inside


The Core Game

Full rules for a complete story-telling, role-playing game 


Hours of Play

Six full story scenarios from dealing with potion-addled pets on a rampage to jousting with the Red Knight!


Quick + Easy Rules

Easy read-aloud instructions to get everyone playing fast


Color Along

Beautiful, colorable illustrations that immerse you in the world of Starsworn


Read Aloud

You’re all on the way to the fair, only perhaps an hour away. You started early so you wouldn’t miss a thing, and the spring air still has an edge of chill. The road is crowded with happy travelers making their way to the celebration with loaded carts, some riding, some walking, and many singing or laughing or playing.

Up ahead, at the river’s edge, there’s a crowd. Something’s wrong! Wade, the giant turtle who ferries people across the rushing waters, isn’t there! You draw closer, and see the human ferry driver in a circle of travelers, sobbing. A goblin trader is patting him on the back.

“’He just hates dem water munsters, is what! I dunno what I’m to-do. And on the busiest day of the year ta boot!”

Behind him the wide river is burbling merrily, and there, in the middle, is the wide, dark shape of Wade’s shell, deep beneath the surface. Downriver, you see the ferry platform with dangling ropes washed up against the far bank. The next ferry is nearly a day’s walk away…

What will YOU do about it?

It’s time for you to face a challenge.
When you do something that is difficult and things might go wrong, you make a Move – use your Story and roll dice to see what happens.

First, look at your Story on your Character Sheet – the lines about what kind of hero you are. Think about what your hero might do to help.

You can roll up to 3 dice to make a Move. Each line of the Story you can use to explain your Move adds 1 die. If you have a great plan or someone made a roll to help you, ask the Teller if you can add 1 more die.

For example: Max Goodname is a knight and warrior – that means he’s athletic, so he decides to swim across – that’s 1 die. He’s also best friends with Wallace Q. Wallace (who is there watching) and wants to show off a bit – that’s another +1 die. He rolls 2 six-sided dice, or 2d6.

Discuss what you could do. Here are some ideas:
Get Physical: Run, jump, swim, climb, brawl – use strength and speed to overcome the obstacle.
Influence: Charm, persuade, argue, intimidate, lie, act, or otherwise use your presence and panache to solve the problem
Help Out: Put your talents to work to back up your friends and help them solve a problem.



Hours of Play

Everything you need to start playing is right here in Starsworn Chapter 1. Whether you’re a longtime gamer or completely new, this free book will guide you, your family and friends through telling an awesome story together. You’ll make it your own, and no two playthroughs will be the same!

Listen and Learn

Listen along with Stories Podcast as they run Max Goodname and friends through an adventure, learning to play as they go!


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